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MBag Mail Barcode Printing System

ID Mail M Bag System

The ID Mail M Bag tag printing system is a simple to use hardware/software solution to produce the M Bag labels for your international parcel deliveries. This simple application is comprised of software, a value priced pc, handheld imager, Zebra label printer, 4 rolls of labels to start, and a manual.

Mail Barcode Printing System Mail Barcode Printing System

The M Bag application initializes a window on the desktop. The Operator points the handheld imager at the address on the envelope or parcel, uses a red laser box projected from the imager to align the imager, and pulls the trigger. The image is then displayed in the window on the desktop, and can automatically print the exact address on the label printer. Your Operator grabs label and applies it to the M Bag tag. Total production time: less than 5 seconds.

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