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Maximizer Mail Manifesting System

In this era of reduced volumes of First Class letters, presort mailers to the USPS mail are turning to the MAX-M as an alternative revenue source. With the ability to manifest almost all of the other USPS mail classes and processing categories, the PC-based MAX-M is a flexible mail manifesting system solution for flat, package and parcel volumes up to 5,000 per day.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete USPS manifesting system of hardware and software creates an alternative revenue source for presorters
  • Single workstation configurations can be upgraded to networked systems as volumes grow
  • Application of USPS permit eliminates the need to meter mail
  • Destination entry worksharing discounts supported for enhanced revenue generation

Mail Manifesting System, USPS Manifesting System

Officially called Itemized Manifesting under Postal publication 401, this method of manifesting provides the USPS with an itemized listing of all mail pieces within the mailing, including each piece's weight, manifest number and destination Zip code. The label printer not only imprints each automated piece with the correct version of postal barcode (IMb, POSTnet, or CODE128) but also a unique Manifest ID code to allow verification with the physical reporting of that piece. The label printer also prints the permit indicia, the mail class and the Network Distribution Center designation when processing Bound Printed Matter. In a single pass, mail is read, bar coded, indicia stamped, Manifest ID tagged, and sorted.

Manifesting provides several customer advantages, including the elimination of metering (manifesting can only officially be used with permit mail - USPS Pub 401, Payment Methods, pg.3); quicker acceptance at the BMEU due to individually reported weights and postage for each item; and, submission of non-identical weight items in the same mailing when a weighing system is incorporated. To leverage the mail manifesting system to its fullest, automated, presort and destination entry items are captured within the manifest reports, depending upon postal rules for each class.

The MAX-M System captures mail piece information so each item can be included in the itemized manifest for each mail class supported by the System. This USPS manifesting system is capable of supporting automated, presorts and rejected items processed by the Dispatcher automated mixed-mail processor. The system can also process Bound Printed Matter items so they are eligible for destination entry discounts in addition to the typical presort discounts.

The MAX-M System is capable of being used either in a standalone mode or as a node on the ID Mail network. When it is connected to a network, it is capable of functioning with just an Interface System with an Interface System and one or more Dispatchers or with an Interface and multiple MAX-M stations. When used in standalone mode, the MAX-M System supports the entry of job input data to each station. When connected to the network the MAX-M System will be required to receive job input data from the Interface System, which will allow jobs to be split between multiple MAX-M System stations or Dispatchers. Integration of the Optional UMOVE system for compliance with USPS Move/Update requirements is as easy as adding a system to the network.

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