Case Studies

California Presort Bureau Forges New Territory

Valencia, CA - Two years after establishing their presort company, Postage One was already making plans for the next phase of their business. They realized they didn't want to be just another letter presort bureau. Although a competitor had recently withdrawn from the market and created some short-term opportunities, company management was concerned about their vulnerability to new competitors that may enter the market in years to come. Learn More >>

Citipost Ltd. Implements ID Mail Dispatcher for Royal Mail DSA Discounts

London, UK - The potential revenues available from Royal Mail's Downstream Access (DSA) discounts had intrigued Citipost UK since their introduction. When considering alternatives to achieve these discounts it was apparent that Citipost would need several requirements to be filled. Learn More >>

Selektmail Automation Install a Success

Utrecht, The Netherlands - ID Mail announced today that it recently completed installation of the primary automation for the Selektmail site in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since its inception in 2004, Selektmail has become the Dutch leader in subscriber-based mail delivery. Learn More >>

M-Bags Done Right - Faster and more ergonomic manual processing of M-Bags for fewer errors and increased throughput

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Following the success of the implementation of ID Mail Systems’ MMW (Manual Mail Workstations), Brokers Worldwide had one manual processing operation left in its three operational facilities: M-Bag processing. Turning to ID Mail, BWW selected a new MMW/M-Bag system designed to achieve higher operator productivity with real-time data capture and improved quality. Learn More >>

Guaranteed Delivery - An all-round mail service provider in Jamaica finds the ideal solution to its sorting needs

Kingston, Jamaica - Does the ID Mail Dispatcher deliver? If you ask Marsha Smickle, manager and owner of Delivery Solutions Jamaica, you will get a resounding ‘Yes!’ Learn More >>

Cost Cutter - An elegant automated mail processing solution reduces labour costs and increases efficiency at TNT's Arnhem facility

Arnhem, The Netherlands - ID Mail Systems takes on TNT's request for managing mis-sorts with the Dispatcher, processing 50,000 pieces in a single shift. Learn More >>

Reinvention - When Post Danmark wanted to replace its franking mail processing machines, the solution wasn't at all what it envisaged

Copenhagen, Denmark - ID Mail Systems' Dispatcher MX and MMW provide a cost-effective solution to Post Danmark's franking problem. Learn More >>

Mail Managers Integrates Flexible Technology for Continued Expansion

Starkville, MS - With its ability to process mail in excess of 9,000 items per hour, the Dispatcher is ideally suited to a growing business. Learn More >>